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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Joy of Family

Our OBX family photo before leaving

I believe family is the greatest gift we own
Loving each other
Sharing our lives together
Having fun and giggles
Watching our family grow
Loving and Supporting each other's efforts

My week in the OBX with my entire family was great,
how rare it is these days to get to spend
a whole week together
playing with grandchildren (and children)
spending a block of time together,
forgetting about what we left behind,
if only for a short time.

Since we've returned ...
of course life marches on
and we try to connect as much as we can!
I'm just grateful for treasured moments,
where time stands still for a little while
and we are reminded about what is truly important.

Now, oh so very soon
we are anticipating the birth of our third grand baby,
and in three short weeks,
we are bringing our new labrador puppy home . . .
(still trying to come of with a cool name for her!)
things are about to get real busy in the Wynn household!!!

This I know to be true:
Time stands still for no one
Love is the greatest gift of all
Grandchildren change your perspective on life
Each moment should be treasured
Even when your children are grown they need you
You still need to carve out time for yourself
Finding time to do what you love is important too
Reach out to extended family,
my summer has been blessed 
with re-connection with cousins I cherish!
I can't get enough of my sweet family,
which is growing with each passing moment.

The Joy of Family ... I know I'm truly blessed
and grateful and gifted for sure,
how about you?
Celebrate your loved ones today,
find moments to be together,
heal broken relationships with extended family,
it's so important,
for family is what matters.

Sending Love and Light
Donna Lee

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Living Poetically

There is a poem in all that I see

I have been in love with reading and writing and poetry
for as long as I can remember . . .
I was never great at math and science,
but I excelled in the Arts,
English and Literature!
(No surprise there)

Life has a certain way of distracting us
from doing the things we love the most.
(for me it was always writing)
Throughout the years I was
filling journals, scribbling poems,
reading and writing about my life.
I was also raising a family, working,
creating a life, 
so my writing didn't always get priority.

When I began care taking my parents
through their life taking diseases;
I found myself returning to the page.
I would write about the experiences I was going through,
it just felt good to get it all out.
I began writing poetry more seriously,
and the words were flowing at just the right pace.

I enrolled in several online courses, 
took writing classes at retreats
(instead of art) with some amazing writers
and I began to feel as though I had my voice back!
I am so grateful to those writing pioneers out there ...
they are truly amazing. Encouraging others to put pen to page.
I learned so much, something just for me from each and every one of them. 
Dare I mention them here, hoping I don't leave someone out ...
(just click their name ... I have linked you to their magic)

In 2013, I wanted to write a poem a day,
for exactly 100 days.
 I wanted to add my own photography to each poem,
it was a true labor of love and I learned so much.
The discipline of that experience
I will forever carry with me.
They are simple poems and from my heart
you can find them all here . . .

Now I have become the newest
Vice President of the Southeastern Region
for the Poetry Society of Virginia
and I am super excited
to be spreading the poetic news of Virginia!
I am honored, excited, humbled and ready to get working.

Poetry is a gift to all
It changes lives and when shared can be a gift to others.
I am totally in love with words,
writing them, reading them and sharing them.
How about you?
I would love to hear your poetry and writing experiences!

I leave you with this thought . . .
Look at all the beauty around you day to day,
take the time to write about it . . .
Treat yourself to a sweet little journal,
jot any thoughts or feelings 
you might come up with throughout your life,
who knows it may just become a poem one day!

Life is an open door ... don't be afraid to just step through!

Donna Lee

Thursday, July 23, 2015

What love is to me . . .

Love is . . .

Spending a beautiful week with my family
in the Outer Banks

Snuggling and Kisses from my Grand Babies

A smile just because

Holding my spouse's hand

Watching my family love each other

Friendships with special people

A card that comes in the mail just because

Re-connection with cherished family

Being kind to someone in need

Saying sweet words to someone 

Being truly happy within my own self

Sharing my wealth with others

Hearing a poem read out loud

Creating art in the quietness of a morning

Giving of my own precious time

Positive words when someone is near

Love is my family  ... your family

God's infinite embrace 

Reaching out in times of need

Sharing with the elderly

Giving without expectation

Loving myself always

Being happy with where I am in this life 

Trusting each step along the way

A gift to cherish that we are given

Love is all that matters

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Finding the Beauty in my Life

My Antique Shop find
A treasure for my Calligraphy practice

It has definitely been a few weeks since I 
have come to my blog to write.
Since returning from Squam,
life has been busy in a very good way.
I taught a few Zentangle classes,
been adding pages to my altered book from my Squam,
I had family visiting from 
New Jersey and Myrtle Beach.
Reconnection with family is so important!
I've been practicing my Calligraphy daily,
and trying to finish knitting a pair of socks for myself.
I began my online Tapestry course
with the Amazing Rebecca Mezoff
(a gift I gave myself for the summer!)

Tapestry teaches me to slow down very easily

Summertime is always has a gentle reminder for me,
it comes in gently saying...
"Donna Lee ... slow down a bit,
take in the beauty,
rest your soul and your monkey mind,
find the beauty in your life."
I realize I don't have to do it all,
you can easily put things aside and they
will be waiting for you when you return,
whenever that may be!!!!

I am here to say I am listening!

In just a short time
I will be heading to the Outer Banks
for a week with my little family,
a yearly blessing of ours.
One week of slowing down,
appreciating the ocean,
family, nature and rest.
I am taking my Tapestry Loom with me,
and a journal for writing Poetry.

It always seems to me
that when I return to the Ocean,
I can regroup my thoughts and my life,
it's as if it is a drug fix for me,
I always returned centered and focused.
This year I plan to totally unplug
from social media too ...
which is hard for me since I am 
an Instagram junkie!

I plan on finding the beauty in my life,
in all things this summer.
I need a major fix ... a major slow down ...
a major refocusing of where I am headed.
I am planning on the OBX helping me with that.

In the meantime,
enjoy the summer beauty,
the smell of a rainstorm,
the sound of thunder rolling in,
pick veggies from your little garden,
lay in the sun and read a good book.
Nature is amazing and gives us so many gifts.
There is beauty all around you ...
you just need to look for it!

Taken in Manteo last week with my Cousin and his wife
Always finding beauty around me

I wish you peace
I wish you love
I wish you happiness in all things
I wish you the gift of contentment
and rest for your soul!

Donna Lee

Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Squam Experience

Rockywold Deephaven Camp
Holderness, New Hampshire

I returned home exactly a week ago
from attending Squam Art Workshops
and I am still processing the journey that unfolded
there for me!

How do I put into words just how I feel 
about what I experienced at My Squam . . .
knowing that I can't possibly express
 exactly what I want to share and give it the justice it so deserves!
I don't think I truly can ...  BECAUSE IT WAS MAGICAL!

I am still processing all that I experienced at Squam last week,
and I don't want this feeling to end.
I want to remember all that I did, all that I learned,
all that I experienced and remember the wonderful people I met.
I have attended two Squam by the Sea journeys
and Squam in the City last fall,
but nothing compares to the "original" Squam
at Squam Lake in New Hampshire.
It was by far the most beautiful retreat experience for me!

I decided to share my favorite photos 
from my Squam experience last week ...
I am touched beyond measure that I was able to attend, 
to teach a Zentangle® class
and share this drawing process with 40 attendees! (WOW!)
I was happy to be a small part of an amazing group of people,
close to 200 attendees!

To be close to Elizabeth, 
(founder and creator of Squam Art Workshops)
who will always have my heart,
and Forrest Elliott, Mindy Tsonas and Nina Gilbert
(her outstanding team)
what an amazing job they did!

Enough said ... here are my pics
Hope you will enjoy and get a feel for my five days!

Opening night adornment

Yarn bombing everywhere

Walking the many paths

Yarns by Shalimar yarns for a tapestry
Isn't the packaging adorable!
Another art fair treat I brought home

Me and Mindy united (photo taken by Elizabeth Duvivier)
How I adore this beautiful soul!

Elizabeth reading my favorite poet Mary Oliver
in our magical writing class

Ice beauty during the Art Fair

The beautiful heart showed up everywhere

Story time with author Clara Parkes
I purchased her sock knitting book!

My art fair treat from Maya Made
New sock knitting bag

Always have to take at least one selfie!

Connecting with Susan
My Love Notes Project partner

My altered book class with Colleen Attara

Knitting in my pj's by the fire

The perfect venue for my Zentangle® class Friday morning

Best class helpers ever!!!!

Creating a class Mosaic of finished work

The BEST class helpers ever
How blessed was I!!!

Awesome and attentive class

Sweet Nina concentrating

My Instagram that day

Cabin Artwork created by
Elizabeth and Forrest
(Wished I could have brought home!)

Morning peeking through ... ready to start each day

Creating a nature mandala before class

Writing class venue

"Writing your own Myth" class with Elizabeth

Facing the blank page ...

Dream Catcher created by 
the beautiful Mindy Tsonas
for all

Adding my dream to the dream catcher

Attending a natural remedy workshop

Always inspiring words to be found

My writing sisters ... we shared a lot together

My Keens walked many a step

Anxious to get into the Art Fair on our last night

Yes I am Yogiknitgirl and I LOVE Ravelry
So fun to meet the gang in person!

Saying goodbye to Squam Lake the last day

Being greeted on Wednesday arrival

The dock at our cottage

The view from our room

The beautiful woven Heart there to greet

Best Roomy ever!

Inspiration during Altered Book Class with Colleen Attara

My view while writing on a Saturday morning

So much inspiration here

Gathering for a group photo
(photo taken by the amazing Forrest Elliott)

Daily inspiration adorning my cabin bedroom

See what I mean??????
If you ever get the chance to attend a Squam
please give yourself that gift!
They are magical, soul refreshing,
loving and safe.
So much goes into the making of such an experience
and I am filled to overflowing.
I will step lightly for awhile,
take care of my soul
and be ever so grateful
for what I took home with me!
Thank you Elizabeth, Forrest,
Mindy and Nina!

Along the pathway at Squam